Welcome, Spaceman!

There are three things you need to learn before you get your first spacecraft:

Mining, manufacturing, and ship building.

Once you have mastered those things, the alpha is over. You can fly around the asteroids and continue building, but there is currently nothing else to explore.

Moving around

There are two modes: Normal and Flight. You toggle them with Space.

In flight mode, your camera will rotate as you move the mouse, and your Spaceman will use their control thrusters to rotate accordingly. If you need to point at something, you do so with the dot at the center of the screen.

In normal mode, you can rotate the camera by dragging with the mouse, but your Spaceman will not follow. You point with your mouse cursor.

At any time, use WASD to move around, and Q/E to roll. You need to press and hold the buttons to keep moving.


There are some asteroids nearby that you can mine for raw materials.

Point at an asteroid and press F to launch a mining drone. The mining drone will refine some raw materials into useful goods.


In order to build something from your goods, you need a Manufacturing Unit (MFU). Your Spaceman will deploy one when you press I.

Click on a piece of goods in space, and place it inside your MFU.

Use the MFU to combine goods into components and ship parts. It can also permanently destroy objects.

See if you can figure out how to build a working Emergency Shuttle. Once you have it, select it in your MFU and press J to jettison it into space. Fly to its airlock, point to it and press M to enter.


Flying with shuttles and space ships are similar to controlling your spacesuit's thrusters. The only difference in controls are that you now have a throttle that is controlled with W/S, and you can no longer move sideways.

If you want to leave a shuttle or space ship, press M

Ship building

Ship building is done in space. You need a ship part to start with. Select it in your MFU and press J to jettison it into space. Ship parts have connector surfaces that can attach to each other. Select another ship part and attach it to the first.

Sometimes you need to rotate a module to place it where you want it. Either use Shift or the arrow keys.

Once you have attached a bridge to your ship you can enter it the same way as with shuttles.


You can double tap W and A for faster throttle/breaks.

Right click on modules in space to open their inventories.

Double click on modules in space to loot them to an open inventory.

Double click on modules in an MFU to move it between the inventory and crafting slots.

Press R to bring up your Reference Sheet.

Press I to open your current ship's inventory.

If your ship has one or more weapon modules, fire with F or C.

Weapons are dangerous! They will horribly break everything you created.

Emergency Respawn, use it if you get lost!
Toggle UI (for screenshots)
Aim + T
Track Target
Next target
Manufacturing Reference Sheet